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We all have been in situations where we go out with our friends and end up paying for things completely ourselves. This leaves us with having to remind our friends of the due amount and then collect the money via different modes of payment such as cash, online transfer, and settling against some other transaction. However, some of us aren’t very comfortable with bringing up money matters with friends. This quite a few times leads to everyone forgetting and you never seeing your money again.


UX and Visual Designer


Friends and money are both big parts of our lives, so overlap is almost inevitable. That overlap, though, can be fraught. How great it would be to make a mobile application to easily split bills without asking to pay.


1. Primary Research — User Interviews

I asked some of my friends about the situation when it comes to splitting the bill with friends, I got these answers:

“At the end of a meal, I try to stand as far away from the cashier as possible — to be honest, I rather have someone else just tell me how much I need to pay for my share.”

“What’s worse is getting people to pay up! Like I mean, you went to all that trouble and now you gotta harass people.”

“Sometimes it isn’t that I don’t want to pay my share but the thought of always paying first puts me off. I would rather pay for what I ate.”

2. Secondary Research — Online

  1. 20% of people recently surveyed by CouponCabin.com have had “friend break-ups” over money issues.
  2. 31% claim they spend more on friends than vice versa.
  3. 27% of users in the age group 18–24, own debit cards.


If you frequently go out with friends or order take-out with your roommates, a bill-splitting application is useful. It will track your bills and the total amount owed to everyone in your party. The easy-to-use app reminds your friends that they owe you money, taking the pressure off of you and eliminating the need for an awkward conversation.


1. Personas

What kind of a user will use Splitsbill?

Persona of Mary

2. Pain points

After interviewing and understanding the problem, I came up with two important pain points:

  1. Splitting a bill up may require some intense calculations. As the size of groups increases, and when you factor in shared dishes and drinks, the calculation problem grows accordingly.
  2. Splitting bills after one person pays could lead to asking for money again and again which doesn’t feel great.


Key features of Splitsbill

  1. Splitting the bill (Create Expense)
  2. Informing users of split (Chat)
  3. Having Details of the bill (Chat)
  4. Integration to various payment gateways
  5. Reminding users to pay (Chat)
  6. Record of all split bills (Transaction details)
  7. Monitoring payments (Transaction details and chat)

User flow

Here is the user flow of one who has gone for a meal with friends and the actions he needs to take to complete the whole process.

User Flow of Splitsbill


I sketched 5 important pages:

  1. Homepage: where you can create groups and expenses, and you can check transactions, and your net balance.
  2. Create Expense
  3. Create Group
  4. Chat
  5. Transaction details


Wireframe of Spitsbill


Wireframe of Spitsbill


It was fun doing research and design. I took most of the time interviewing people and sketching. I’ll continue refining my concepts, with more research and brainstorming (Yay!)

In the meantime, please do give your feedback.

Thank you for your time!



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